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What is a Life Care Plan?

Designed to maximize functional independence, a Life Care Plan is a comprehensive analysis and projection of lifetime medical treatment and non-medical care needs and associated costs for an individual with major injury and/or chronic medical condition. The nursing process is the foundation of nurse life care planning. Examples of catastrophic injuries are acquired brain injury, spinal cord injury, multiple trauma injuries, burns, amputations, chronic pain, and birth injuries.

Life care plans can be used to assess damages or future needs and costs in workersí compensation, personal injury and medical malpractice.

What is a Legal Nurse Consultant?

A legal nurse consultant is an individual with expertise in both nursing and the law who is trained to assist in the litigation process by interpreting medical records and identifying relevant medical issues.

Legal Nurse Consultant services are provided for Plaintiff and Defense in Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Product Liability, and Criminal cases to assist in successful case resolution.


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